Guest Posts for THE LEVEL UP INITIATIVE: 1- Planting Seeds of Hope & 2- Building Positive Clinic Cultures


Over the past couple of years I have had the great fortune to connect with an  inspiring community working tirelessly to improve healthcare outcomes known as: THE LEVEL UP INITIATIVE. I cannot say enough positive things about these folks’ hard work, community. mindset, and overall high moral convictions.

This month I have the great pleasure of contributing TWO  guest posts to the Level Up Initiative’s Blog in their series: “…More Than A Mentorship”: exploring ways in which The Level Up Initiative contributes to exceptional physical therapy outcomes and positive therapist-patient interactions.

My First Blog Post for The Level Up Blog:

“Planting Seeds of Hope…To Improve Physical Therapy Outcomes”

My Second Blog Post for The Level Up Blog:

“Building Positive Clinic Cultures”

Thanks for reading and if you are looking for a community to inspire and support you as a healthcare provider, I urge you to get involved with THE LEVEL UP INITIATIVE.

-Leda McDaniel, PT, DPT

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