Other Work

Leda’s YouTube Channel (with Physical Therapy related instructional videos) can be found here:


Leda’s writing has been featured in other publications and she has also been interviewed for various podcasts and websites. See below for links to these writings and interviews.


Health Care Education and Transformation Podcast (August, 23rd, 2020):

How We Learn: Making it Stick with Dr. Leda McDaniel and Dr. Mark McDaniel

Healthy Wealthy & Smart Podcast Interview (July 29th, 2019):

Healthy Wealthy & Smart: Episode 446: Dr. Leda McDaniel: Holistic Approach to CRPS

Level Up Initiative Podcast Interview (March 15th, 2019):

The Level Up Initiative Podcast: Lessons from A Year of Healing with Student Physical Therapist Leda McDaniel

Pain Reframed Podcast Interview (August 23rd, 2018):

Pain Reframed: Episode 72: Moments From a Year of Healing | Leda McDaniel

Pain Out Loud Video Interview (June 19th, 2018):

Leda’s Pain Out Loud Interview Trailer(categorized under “Leda (Ohio)- Knee Pain” on the Pain Out Loud Website- watch the whole interview by signing up for a free “Basic” Membership with Pain Out Loud)


APTA NEXT Conference 2020 Published Abstract (Poster Presentations Cancelled due to COVID-19 Restrictions):

Student Physical Therapist Delivery of Pain Neuroscience Education: A Feasibility Case Study Report

Guest Blog Post for The Level Up Initiative’s Blog (February, 2020):

Enhancing Memory By Making GAINS

Guest Blog Posts for The Level Up Initiative’s Blog (December, 2019): 

Planting Seeds of Hope…To Improve Physical Therapy Outcomes

Building Positive Clinic Cultures

Guest Blog Post on “National Pain Report” Blog (October 2nd, 2018):

The Power of Storytelling: A Human Perspective of Chronic Pain

Guest Blog Post on “The Student Physical Therapist” Blog (September 13th, 2018):

Performance Hacks for Physical Therapy Evaluations: The Power of The Checklist

Guest Blog Post on “Know Pain” Blog (August 8th, 2018):

Speaking Up About a Silent Disease: One Voice of Chronic Pain

Guest Blog Post on “Fitness Pain Free” Blog (July 31st, 2018):

How I Recovered from Chronic Knee Pain: “Patience, Persistence, and Positive Inputs”

Viewpoints Article in PTinMotion (February 2018 issue):

Avoiding Charges of Sexual Misconduct

Guest Blog Post on “SethOberst.com” (Seth Oberst, PT, DPT) (January 25th, 2016):

Making a Difference in Chronic Pain

Guest Blog Post on “SethOberst.com” (Seth Oberst, PT, DPT) (February 10th, 2014):

An Athlete’s Open Letter on Pain and Recovery

Farmer Leda (Leda’s Prior Blog Website) Posts on Chronic Pain:

How People React to Disability (June, 2016)

Lessons I’ve learned from taking Rx painkillers: Part 1 (March, 2016)

Lessons I’ve learned from taking Rx painkillers: Part 2 (April, 2016)

Your Pain is NOT your Fault (December, 2015)


Featured on National Pain Report (August 20th, 2018):

CRPS- A New Book Explores A Journey