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What people are saying about “Moments from a Year of Healing”:

“Leda’s strong, self-confident voice tells a universal story of human endurance and wisdom, gained through struggle, insight, and compassion. For anyone interested in embodiment, spirituality, and healing, or really anything else, I highly recommend this book!”

-Devon Hase, mindfulness and meditation coach

“As a physical therapist I often encounter people with chronic pain. I can discuss with them how the body processes pain, conventional Western medicine and less conventional approaches to treatment, what research tells us is likely or less likely to help, or be an ear for them to vent. But no one truly understands your pain except for you: what it’s like day to day, the mental games you play, and the skeptical/detached looks from healthcare providers or friends. This book is an excellent glimpse into the journey of someone who has been there, and in that sense constitutes an excellent resource for pain sufferers (acute and chronic) and for healthcare providers seeking how to understand and connect with their patients.”

-Dr. Jeffrey Bayers, Physical Therapist, PT, DPT

“As a student physical therapist I am always looking for ways to make better connections with patients. This memoir gave me insight into one individual’s trials and eventual tribulations through her personal journey with chronic pain. There were a lot of take-away points from Leda’s story that I can use as a future therapist. However, many of the lessons can also be applied by anyone to every day life interactions. After reading this book I am much more aware of what chronic pain entails, and I have made a greater attempt to not take my health for granted, especially my ability to walk. Check this great read out for yourself!”
-Dr. Adam Paynter, PT, DPT, ATC

“Leda’s story of recovery is an inspiration for those experiencing personal struggle with injury and pain. In telling these stories of the daily struggles and triumphs of her healing process, she creates a relatable account of the human experience of suffering and triumph. I recommend this book for people in all manners of recovery, who may feel helpless, hopeless, or misunderstood by the current medical model and feel societal judgment and bias related to chronic pain. This account of persistence and determination in the face of an isolating condition may also serve as a way open up supportive conversations between those in chronic pain and their friends and loved ones who see the suffering but do not completely understand the lived experience.”

-Dr. Simran Jeet Singh, Post Doctoral Fellow at the Center for Religion and Media at NYU

This is the first book I’ve read regarding debilitating chronic pain – I’m now more equipped to empathize with others going through similar experiences. The next time I see someone’s old unused crutches laying in a closet, I won’t instinctively call that person a hoarder; I now know the love/hate relationship a person can have with those crutches. Or even more recently, when my friend was having difficulty navigating daily life with a broken wrist, my first instinct was to buy my friend a “Kangaroo Pouch,” a term Leda coined for a convenient carrying bag. These stories allowed me to connect with Leda on a deeper level, and will allow me to connect with others on a deeper level going forward. Thank you Leda!”

-Kevin Gale, Second Year Medical Student (University of Minnesota)

“With vulnerability and courage Leda opens her heart on the pages of Moments from a Year of Healing, sharing intimate experiences over a transformative period of her life; the pain, the frustration, the sadness, the loss of control, the anticipation, the hope, the wonder, the insights, the joy. Anyone who has experienced, or someday may experience, a serious life setback will gain invaluable insight and inspiration from Leda​’s story.”

Bob Schwalb, humane education specialist

“Sometimes in life we’re forced to face difficult situations, and the way we deal with those things often defines us as a person. This is Leda’s story – and it’s one of perseverance, fulfillment, and triumph. In this book, Leda brings us along on her journey to battle the emotional and physical hardships brought on by her injuries and chronic pain. While her experiences may be unique, her feelings are certainly something that we can all relate to. This entire book is personal and heartfelt, and you will often find yourself feeling like you’re there with her. You will wish you were there to help her, share in her frustration, and to feel the excitement of her progress.  Leda shows us what it means to have the heart of a champion. She pushes forward with steadfast determination in the face of adversity when others may have surrendered. Watching her work towards recovery and ultimately witnessing her final transformation is quite inspiring.”

-Randall Bazell, IT Specialist (Ohio University) and RN

Introduction to “Moments from a Year of Healing: A Book of Memories and Essays”

Welcome to my journey of healing. I wrote this book with the intent of sharing with others some of my most personal moments during my recovery from severe joint and nerve pain. Following a knee surgery to repair a torn ACL from a soccer injury, I developed surgical complications and gradually worsening chronic pain. Over the course of 3 years, I had 2 knee surgeries and was on crutches for a total of 12 months trying to recover from the initial injury and the trauma from the surgeries. My diagnoses during this period included: patellar tendinitis, patellofemoral pain syndrome, complex regional pain syndrome, and synovitis. I saw many health care professionals: doctors, physical therapists, psychologists, and body workers and tried many self-care practices including exercises, meditation, dietary changes, and acupuncture and eventually found a path to healing.

The stories that follow are snapshots of the days and moments I lived out over the course of the last year when the pain was at its worst. Some of them may be hard for you to read and others I hope will inspire laughter. I can promise you, though, that each story has come straight from my heart. My sincere wish is that you may take something away from my experience that helps you in your own healing journey.

With much love and compassion,